Delivering a Sustainable Future for All

By positioning sustainability at the core of modern construction, we are supporting the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have embedded sustainability at the heart of our business strategy, culture and construction solutions. This approach is fundamental to meeting the increasing demand for more sustainable building and infrastructure solutions and achieving our long-term business vision.

There are 17 SDGs, that together address the global challenges that society is now facing. While CRH supports all 17 goals, we have identified seven to which we believe we can make the biggest contribution. These seven encompass SDGs aligned with the three global challenges for the built environment – decarbonisation, waste and water - alongside other sustainability priorities for our business.

We have a long history of setting and achieving ambitious sustainability targets that assist us in delivering long-term value and growth. These ambitions and targets reflect the areas and global trends across which we believe CRH can affect the most change and support global efforts such as the Paris Agreement and the SDGs.

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Gender equality

We are taking concerted action to nurture a more inclusive and diverse work environment, including increasing the representation of women at all levels of a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Clean water and sanitation

We are helping to solve the challenges facing global water supplies by conserving water in our own operations and providing water infrastructure solutions to enable access to clean water, management of waste water and resilience to flooding.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Our sustainable products, services and solutions are essential for building the resilient infrastructure on which we all rely. By embracing innovation and venturing across our activities and products, we are enabling and inspiring more sustainable construction.

Sustainable cities and communities

We provide high quality, products, services and sustainable building solutions that support the optimisation of urban systems and create sustainable and resilient cities.

Responsible consumption and production

We are a leader in using wastes and by-products from other industries as raw materials and fuels in our processes and products. We are further developing this capability, while minimising waste from our operations and optimising use of natural resources.

Climate action

We have set industry leading targets and are accelerating our decarbonisation efforts to meet our ambition to be net-zero by 2050. We are also innovating the low carbon solutions needed to decarbonise the built environment, including those to enable energy efficient buildings and clean energy infrastructure.

Life on land

We are committed to improving the environmental footprint of our business, reducing potential negative impacts and enhancing positive ones, including the part we have to play in accelerating the nature-positive economy and preserving biodiversity.