Video Article: Property Crisis Is Here

October 8. 2023. 1 min read

A housing market crash is what everyone worries about because single family homes – what’s commonly called the housing market – represent $41 trillion worth of value in the United States alone. If home prices crash, that usually reflects badly on the wider real estate market. In second place is commercial real estate which makes up $21 trillion worth of value. But not all commercial property is the same. Office spaces are seeing unprecedented vacancy levels as companies look to move out of the prime commercial real estate locations such as Seattle, San Francisco, and Chiraq. Stumbling over junkies on your way to work isn’t appealing to people, and neither is the giant drug problem elephant in the room that everyone’s ignoring because of their cult-like obsession to U.S. politics which – few people realize – is actually meant to divide and conquer the foolish sheep. Well, at least you’ll have a roof over your head provided you already bought one. What’s that Joe? Do you want this description focused on the housing market crash? Oh sorry, all out of words now.


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