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Iridium Stock and the Starlink Threat
October 21. 2022. 6 mins read

Of the 99 disruptive tech special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) we’ve covered, 65% of them...

8 Reusable Rocket Companies for Cheaper Space Travel
March 30. 2021. 8 mins read

Earlier this month, we broke down the upcoming public offering from Rocket Lab, which is...

Investing in SpaceX with Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust
February 6. 2021. 7 mins read

People who start with nothing and manage to accumulate large sums of wealth usually share...

Global Internet Race Finally Takes Off in Earnest
February 12. 2020. 9 mins read

News just broke that the $26 billion-plus merger between Sprint (S) and T-Mobile (TMUS) is...

Crewed Space Missions and Other NewSpace Predictions for 2019
December 28. 2018. 7 mins read

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … yada, yada,...

Rocket Lab Launches Into NewSpace Leadership Role
November 18. 2018. 6 mins read

The new space race is no longer about the United States and the Soviet Union...

5 Developments in NewSpace for 2018
December 23. 2017. 6 mins read

The 21st century. This is to be the century of flying cars and warp speed...

6 NewSpace Startups Enabling Future Research
June 24. 2017. 7 mins read

In quite a few of the bleaker science fiction worlds, the future is fraught with...

8 NewSpace Startups Prove it IS Rocket Science
May 17. 2017. 7 mins read

All this talk about Elon Musk taking everyone to Mars got us to thinking about...

Global Internet to Keep Us Connected Everywhere
February 4. 2017. 6 mins read

All due respect to NASCAR fans, but this is the sort of race we’d rather...

Is The International Space Station a Good Investment?
October 22. 2016. 4 mins read

Over the years we’ve heard the press make the occasional mention about space stations and...

Branson’s OneWeb: Cheap Satellite Internet Anywhere
September 10. 2015. 4 mins read

There’s a new space race that many people don’t know is underway. The primary competitors...